Medical experts or physicians provide remote guidance through the HMD-M200 real-time video communication of the ward around nurses. The medical experts will give detailed steps on what to check and information to obtain from the patient.
Through the HMD-M200 it is also possible to remotely examine the patient from the first perspective of the ward nurse Once the doctor is done with one patient, he/she can move to another ward nurse with a different patient allowing them to optimize their workflow and reduce their workload.
Another benefit of HMD-M200 is the medical expert can guide the students to implement standardized operations through HMD-M200 and conduct remote teaching.


First Aid


By deploying HMD-M200, remote experts and medical staff can monitor the on-site situation from first responders, communicate with on-site first responders in real-time, and provide corresponding technical support. To achieve a seamless connection between the scene and the backend medical department, to support the front-line personnel.
For critical cases and emergencies, HMD-M200 can help to provide corresponding medical assistance in a timely manner, prepare green channels, and prepare emergency facilities and medical personnel in advance.



Telesurgery or remote surgery is an emerging surgical practice that can utilize both AR technology and wireless networking to connect patients and surgeons who are geographically distant.
HMD-M200 is able to eliminate the need for long-distance traveling which is associated with high costs and potential dangers such as in underserved locations; telesurgical tools combine HMD-M200 and several display systems to enable video feed to be transmitted to surgeons located remotely and simultaneously. 
It can also facilitate collaboration among expert surgeons, who may be separated by distance, to give a second opinion in real-time.



solar radiation img5Lightweight, compact design that fits comfortably in your pocket.
Intuitive voice controls and easy-to-use interface enables total hands-free operation.
Durable design that is drop, dust, and water resistant and can be easily cleaned with alcohol wipes.

Smart connectivity to enterprise systems, Android apps, and third-party IoT devices and wearables.
Industry-leading security with fingerprint recognition technology for user authentication.