On-Road Mobile Data Terminal

Revolutionizing Vehicle Efficiency and Communication with Sysgration’s Design and Manufacturing Services for Mobile Data Terminals

From Communication Tools to Data-Driven Vehicle Hubs

The Evolution of Mobile Data Terminals Mobile Data Terminals have

evolved from basic communication tools to powerful command

centers embedded within vehicles. Equipped with high-speed internet

connectivity, advanced sensors, and intelligent software, MDTs have

transcended their initial role as simple communication devices to become

data-driven hubs that empower drivers, enhance operational efficiency,

and redefine the user experience. Seamless Communication and Beyond

MDTs enable seamless interaction between drivers, fleet managers, and

the central command. Real-time data exchange is no longer limited to

location updates; MDTs facilitate instant transmission of maintenance

alerts, diagnostics, vehicle health reports, and even multimedia content.

This level of connectivity empowers drivers with comprehensive insights

into their vehicles, fostering proactive maintenance and reducing






Sysgration's Design and Manufacturing Services: Empowering Industries with Innovative MDT Solutions

By optimizing functionality, enhancing features, and prioritizing user

experience, Sysgration’s Design and Manufacturing Services create MDTs

that empower industries, streamline operations, and drive technological

advancement. Our commitment to innovation ensures that each terminal

is a testament to the seamless integration of design, manufacturing, and

user-centric excellence.

Highlighted Features
7” 1024 x 600 High Brightness w/ P-Cap Touch i.MX8M Plus 16GB eMMC
2GB RAM 4G LTE Cat 4 + GPS 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + BT5.0
J1939, CAN 2.0 CVBS Video Input Integrated 2W speaker + Microphone
9-32VDC in, ISO7637 IP54 -20 ~ 75 °C
Recommended Mounting Solution