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Technology plays vital role in pandemic management to prevent the spread. In the pandemic management, automated thermal monitoring system is making the process faster and effective.

Automated Thermal Monitoring System

At Sysgration, we are offering thermal scanner solution to support pandemic management, prevent the spread and keep business continuity in the public area.





Universal Panel Computer, designed for flexibility and aesthetic

Customization is always extremely desirable features and advantages for any

industrial application because it is able to bring

- Cost reduction (less customization)

- Design for flexibility and aesthetics

- Mix and match different sizes with different modules

- Easy component replacement to reduce downtime

Sysgration offers a customizable module of our Universal Panel Computer that allows Technician or operator can quickly detach the module from the panel computer and swap it with other desirable modules.

Highlighted Features
Dual architecture support (x86 & ARM) Projected capacitive multi-touchscreen supporting glove/wet modes

Detect and scan the temperature of a group or individual instantly, special added features for mask detection are also available.

Fan-less design with aluminum alloy enclosure Front IP65 water & dust-proof

Giving the accuracy of +/-0.1 °C this solution will immediately give a warning alert if the temperature above normal or individual without a mask.

Expansion modules for various applications Optional I/O and networking modules