Warehousing and Logistics

Industrial Rugged Tablet PC offers many advantages to boost and improve productivity in a warehouse, timing and accurate asset tracking are crucial to efficient operations.

Enterprise-ready solution

Being able to dispatch and track deliveries, gather real-time store inventory data from various locales and re-route deliveries in a matter of minutes is essential. with a customizable barcode module will enhance the efficiency of data acquisition, this allows warehouse staff to check a shipment’s location status and locate inventory

records instantaneously.  





Why Android

Android wins the consumer market, which means that Android use on Tablet at works requires very little training. With Sysgration Industrial Tablet PC, We offer a rugged-compact Android tablet that’s remarkably light and robust, but also impresses with Qualcomm processor.

Highlighted Features

Extreme Robust solution to withstand the most harsh environment

Mobile Portability Solution

High expandability enables peripheral integration for enhanced functionality

Slim and Light weight, ultimate user experience

WiFi / GPS/ Bluetooth / 4G LTE Multi-Connectivity for reliability enhancement

Long battery life with hot-swappable batteries

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